KNIME Analytics Platform for BI

  21 hours

Data Science with KNIME Analytics Platform

  21 hours

Platforma analityczna KNIME - szkolenie kompleksowe

  35 hours

KNIME with Python and R for Machine Learning

  14 hours

Data Science Implementation Management using KNIME Server

  14 hours

The capacitance of the tool

Gerardo Avila - Reckitt Benckizer [KNIME Analytics Platform for BI]

Learning a new tool

MARIA ELENA DOMINGUEZ ESCUDERO - Reckitt Benckizer [KNIME Analytics Platform for BI]

Very useful in because it helps me understand what we can do with the data in our context. It will also help me

Nicolas NEMORIN - Adecco Groupe France [KNIME Analytics Platform for BI]

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