Advanced Vue.js

  14 hours

Choosing the Right JavaScript Framework

  14 hours

Building Micro-Frontends with Vue.js

  14 hours

Quasar Framework and Vue.js

  14 hours

Vue 3

  7 hours


  21 hours

Javascript and Vue.js for Beginners

  21 hours


  14 hours

Laravel and Vue.js

  14 hours

Nuxt.js and Vue.js

  14 hours

Managing Vue JS State with Vuex

  7 hours

Completing the labs to add new functionality (calculator & trading labs)

Darren White - DAS [Vue.js ]

Richard is incredibly knowledgable and pleasant.

Simon Pakijavan - DAS [Vue.js ]



The live coding and immediate feedback.

Navy Information Warfare Center - Pacific [Vue.js ]

Live coding and immediate feedback

Navy Information Warfare Center - Pacific [Vuetify.js]

I really like Shawn's live coding style in teaching the course. He demonstrated his practical knowledge and experience on the subject.

Nhan Nguyen - Navy Information Warfare Center - Pacific [Vuetify.js]

Hands on, live coding approach to learning.

Nhan Nguyen - Navy Information Warfare Center - Pacific [Vue.js ]

Trainer asked questions constantly, which ensured active participation. Trainer had real world experience with the material he was teaching.

CBC/Radio-Canada [Advanced Vue.js]

The trainer seemed very knowledgable about Vue. I appreciated seeing his development style and learning some new concepts to try.

Adrian Borrmann - CBC/Radio-Canada [Advanced Vue.js]

Other regions in Botswana


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