Big Data Storage Solution - NoSQL

  14 hours

HBase for Developers

  21 hours

OrientDB for Developers

  14 hours

Riak: Build Applications with High Data Accuracy

  14 hours

Scylla Database

  21 hours

Aerospike for Developers

  14 hours

Big Data & Database Systems Fundamentals

  14 hours


  28 hours

NoSQL Database with Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

  14 hours

Redis for High Availability and Performance Training Course

  21 hours

The atmosphere, knowledge and experience of the lecturer.

Artur Pańszczyk - TRW Polska sp. z o.o. [A Practical Introduction to NoSQL Databases]

It gives me an insight on Redis, and also guide me to the right path if I want to know more about Redis

Ameer Fiqri Barahim - Sarawak Information Systems Sdn Bhd [Redis for High Availability and Performance Training Course]

The broad coverage of the subjects

- Roche [Big Data Storage Solution - NoSQL]

Damian Gzik - TRW Polska sp. z o.o. []

Rossmann SDP [HBase for Developers]

Bartłomiej Krasiński - Rossmann SDP []

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